Our Story

3rd Generation Furniture Maker

radio-cabinet-rcaOur president, Michael Vokes, remembers how his grandfather, the late Thomas Vokes used to smell of sawdust and lacquer. Thomas built solid wooden cabinets for RCA Victor radios and televisions in Owen Sound, Ontario.

mikevokes200When Michael got out of College in 1989, he went into business with his Dad, custom furniture builder Alvin Vokes, to start Vokes Furniture Inc. the same year. Since then, we have grown from a small local business to a national brand, shipping across Canada.

Lean Tranformation

In 2009 we adopted a plan of continuous improvement and Lean principles. The big difference is the way we work as a team. We’re all involved, coming up with ways to make improvements, reducing waste and standardizing to ensure quality and safety. All the work has paid off: We can now ship to our customers 45% faster. We’re a well oiled machine, and we’re getting better all the time.

True to our Roots

We’re staying faithful to the independent furniture stores across Canada that have made us a success by making them our priority. All the efficiencies we have gained through Lean have kept us growing, and helped us to create good jobs building the quality solid wood furniture that we are known for, right here in Canada.